We're the Old English Sheepdog Club. Our breed is known for their funny, fluffy and cute nature and as the iconic "Dulux Dog". They're intelligent, adorable and a loving family member/companion.

Old English Sheepdogs (OES) originated in the mid 1700s in the south of England as a dog for herding and droving sheep and cattle. OES then arrived in Australia in the mid 1800s. The breed expanded globally during the 1800s and 1900s as a domesticated and preferred dog for aristocracy and the wealthy. They became the brand mascot for Dulux paints in 1961. They increased in popularity by featuring in Disney films like the Shaggy Dog and by world celebrities having an OES eg Paul McCartney.

OES are highly intelligent, excellent with children, perfect family dog, love walks and running, easy to train and love company. Can be in full coat or clipped and require grooming. OES are friendly and engaging, have a funny disposition and nature. They are known for their bear-like gait, and a unique bark.

OESCV started in 1968 when the breed was at it’s most popular. Currently pure bred OES are now relatively rare in Australia. Please come to stand 116 to meet one of these unique dogs

Stand Number: 116