Medicinal Plants for Animals specialises exclusively in plant medicine for many common pet health issues. We are dedicated to helping pets with cancer, arthritis, anxiety, gut and skin issues.

Inspired by real-life vet practice and driven by science, Dr Jen has formulated a range of herbal formulas to treat conditions commonly found in many pets.

From alleviating anxiety with ‘Hush Bud’ to soothing skin with ‘Scratched’ products, every blend is hand-bottled in small batches by our team.

Every aspect of our products, from the plant ingredients to the packaging, is chosen with sustainability in mind. Even our labels and ink are eco-friendly. Guided by the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, and repeat, we’re committed to providing pet care that respects both pets and the environment.

Stand Number: E-560

Festival Specials

Come and see us for 10% off our full range only available at the Dog Lovers Festival