Come to our stall & meet this amazing breed with their ‘kind, human expression’.


The Italian Spinone (pronounced Spee- no- nee) is an ancient hunt, point, retrieving gun dog breed from the Piedmonte region in the north of Italy. It is said to be dated back to early Roman times. In Italy today the Spinone is a very valued working gundog.

Spinoni (plural) first came to Australia from the U.K. in the late 1980’s and are still classified as a rare breed. They are a ‘well kept secret’ with less than 100 of the breed in Australia. In Australia, Spinoni participate in conformation showing, tracking, endurance, obedience & hunting.

Spinoni are a heavy boned, medium sized breed. Dogs can weigh up to 46kilos and bitches 35 kilos. They have a harsh, dense coat, in colours of white, white & orange, orange roan, brown & white & brown roan. The coat has a ‘self cleaning’ purpose. Once the coat dries, mud, sand, etc simply comb out. Their coat requires regular combing and hand stripping. Clipping will soften the coat & defeat the purpose of the harsh texture. They do drop a lot of coat regularly. Be prepared to find ‘Spinone Bunnies’ running about your skirting boards & also to spend the rest of your life looking like a Lamington!

Spinoni are clowns. They have a great sense of humour & are wickedly clever. They make a fantastic companion, but not to everyone. There is an old Italian saying, “ a Spinone for you, a Spinone for me, but not for everyone”. To be the ideal Spinone owner, you MUST be laid back with an excellent sense of humour & NOT be house proud or precious of your possessions.

 Come to our stall & meet this amazing breed with their ‘kind, human expression’.

On duty over the 3 days will be Sylla, Mena, Burro, Hugo, Capone & Roman


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