The Irish Wolfhound Club of Victoria Inc aim to enhance the health and longevity of this rare breed through education, thoughtful breeding and public interaction.

There are references to the “Great Hound of Ireland” in many ancient classics. The breed was well known is ancient Rome, the first authenticated reference being made in 391 A.D. There are also constant references to the wolfhound throughout the history of the Irish people. Their kindness and patience is a key characteristic of the breed. An Irish Wolfhound should be of great size and commanding appearance. In general type they should be rough-coated and Greyhound-like, muscular, strong and graceful.

They can come in colours ranging from white to black, gray and brindle are very typical. Coat and grooming maintenance every week with a good brush to avoid knots. They are very easy to train provided the owner is consistent. An ideal owner will have the patience and understanding to meet the needs of a giant breed whose size belies its sweet and timid nature. Like many large breeds, the Irish Wolfhound tends to have a shorter lifespan than smaller breeds.

Stand Number: 210