Quality meat first meals with nutrient- packed wholefoods for your pooch. Even fussy dogs will be licking their bowls clean at every meal time with our delicious home style recipes.

At Heartly we cook wholesome hearty meals for your beloved pooch. Using high-quality, wholefood ingredients that are purposeful and highly digestible they help to support a healthy gut.

All of our recipes are made with more than 50% high quality animal proteins and are cooked slow and low by our chefs here in Melbourne to preserve nutrients that are usually lost during high temperature cooking.

With four nutrient packed proteins for you to choose from you are sure to find the pawfect recipe for the pickiest of pooches. Our recipes are delicately cooked at 65℃ to preserve nutrients that can be lost with high temperature cooking. Heartly is also Australia’s first pet food to use cold pasteurisation methods to naturally extend shelf life without the use of high heat.

Our delicious recipes are complete and balanced and meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dogs.

We can’t wait for your picky pooches paw of approval

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