Custom designed Hoodies Sweaters Tees Caps/ Apparel for people who love there hounds.

Our brand offer Hoodies Sweaters Tees Caps Keyrings memorial packs and wholesale to any company or small business who wish to stock our apparel for resell. We are a streetwear online small business that has unlimited ideas and custom designs, from uplifting fun dog mottos to those who have lost a furbaby we love bringing creations to life. We do not use plastic bags and happy hound people apparel stands up for pets in need, we donate to shelters and those less fortunate who have dogs. You will see or products in vets at markets .
Sizes range from Small up to 4XL with a whole range of colors, when people wear our brand they stand out and proud of being a dog owner.

Stand Number: 618

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Happy Hound People Apparel design streetwear for people, hoodies sweaters tees caps. We cater for all breeds and bring personal ideas to life from funny cute to big creations and those who have lost a furbaby.