100% Australian hemp for pets, grown sustainably and produced locally, supporting healthy animals.
Locally farmed | Chemical free processing | GMO free

Good Country Hemp partner with local farmers to grow specific varieties for premium quality hemp foods. After harvest the seed is carefully dried, cleaned and processed into cold pressed hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed and protein powder. Our food grade by-products and premium products are packaged for animals, (dogs, cats, horses, chickens).

No matter what kind of pets you include with your family, they deserve the best natural feed supplements for a great quality of life.

Including hemp in your pet’s diet not only gives them a dose of nutritional goodness for overall health, but hemp naturally treats a wide range of conditions including arthritis, itchy skin, joint conditions, inflammation and digestion problems.

Please enjoy the great health benefits that hemp gives. We’re proud of our products and passionate about good health for our animals, you and our farmland.

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20% off all animal products.
Hemp Oil Calming
Hemp Oil Healing
Hemp Dog Treats
Hemp Oil for Dogs

New Product

HEMP OIL CALMING (Natural – no drugs)
Thunderstorms, car trips, hair cut, other dogs, left alone, give a few drops on their food and calm your dog.
HEMP OIL HEALING (Natural – no drugs)
Injured dog? Increase the healing time with a couple of drops on their food.