At Give Paws, we do not put profits before quality. We use premium produce and process chemical free to make the healthiest treats possible.

After we lost our second dog to cancer, we began to suspect something was wrong with the foods and treats we were feeding them and decided to investigate further. What we found shocked us. The food and treats were made from poor quality or expired produce, drenched in preservatives, pesticides and carcinogens and largely made up of artificial fillers and flavors. It’s no wonder that dog’s life expectancy is decreasing every year. We assumed that all pet treat makers cared as much about our dogs as we did and that they would never supply harmful treats just to make a profit, we were wrong.

We knew there was a better way so decided to make our own. We would use premium ingredients, process chemical-free and use drying techniques guided by what occurs in nature. No pesticides, preservatives or any other harmful chemicals.

We have an extensive range and are always on the lookout for new and exciting treats so drop by and check out our offering, you won’t be disappointed.

Stand Number: 615