The home of HECKING CUTE pet stuff for Smitten Hoomans!

I hear you’re a Dog person! Cool, me too!
You’re my kind of Hooman!

My brand is full of heart and warmth!

The name “Dearest Sally Snowdrop” comes from the name my Granny calls me –
– “Sally” being an old fashioned version of Sarah my birth name
-“Snowdrop” for the flowers that bloomed in her garden the morning I was born
– And “Dearest Sally Snowdrop” for how she starts every birthday card she sends me.

My Brand Values sit firmly within the theme of unconditional love!

“Dearest Sally Snowdrop” is
– For earring collectors
– For Doggo parents
– For the Dog Show world
– And for those hoomans who have everything they find of their beloved pet!

My earrings (and other fun pretty things) are all my own original digital art of over 40 dog breeds (and kitties too) uv printed on to glossy clear acrylic.

“Dearest Sally Snowdrop” wants to share the love as far and wide as possible.

I aim to bring the joy to pet Parents as well as work with big brands to wholesale in retail space

Stand Number: 477

New Product

Cute as heck accessories for hoomans of over 40+ original artworks of Dog Breeds