The British Bulldog Club Of Victoria Inc, founded in 1912 is dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting the purebred British Bulldog.

The British Bulldog Club of Victoria is a Dogs Victoria Affiliated club, bound by a Code of Ethics in relation to our breed and its representation.  The club actively promotes the British Bulldog as recognised by Dogs Australia and aims to provide support and advice to members and potential British Bulldog owners and enthusiasts.

Members are encouraged to participate in health testing and screening in order to produce the soundest dogs possible. Members are kept informed on the latest advancements in health testing to enable breeders that are mindful that pups they produce will form part of the breeds preservation to ensure the future of the breed.

The Club holds 2 shows a year and encourages members and public to attend. We also hold social walks and can be found at many events with a breed information stand
The Bullytyn is our Bi Monthly publication on club happenings and breed concerns, we have a strong support base of experienced members ready to help those new to the breed.

Stand Number: 398