InflataFENCE® by Big Sky Innovations - is the world's first Inflatable Modular Pet Fence. Contain your furbaby anywhere, anytime with this portable, durable, quick-to-install inflatable fence.

Big Sky Innovations, world-renowned creators of the ‘Inflatable Pontoon’ brings you the InflataFENCE®, a one-of-a-kind modular inflatable pet fence, made for the savvy pet owner seeking an easier way to safeguard your furbabies on the go.

Built with the same high-grade materials as our inflatable pontoons, the InflataFENCE® inflates in under 30secs to be hard as timber, and serves as a portable, easy-to-install enclosure that is also bite and claw proof. When unused, a fence size of 4m x 2m x 0.8m deflates and packs into a gym-sized bag, weighing only 12kg. Created for attachment to vans or as a standalone enclosure, every fence comes with it’s own pump, a swing gate, locks, built-in hinges and anchor lugs for easy modification.

Say goodbye to tangled leads and heavy cumbersome metal fences. You and your pets will love the durability, ease and freedom of the InflataFENCE®.

Big Sky Innovations are Australia’s leader in inflatables.

Stand Number: 562

New Product

InflataFENCE® – the world’s first MODULAR, INFLATABLE pet fence that provides an EXTREMELY SOLID barrier when fully assembled. Created for attachment to caravans and motorhomes, it can also be used as a standalone enclosure to safeguard your furbabies on the go. PORTABLE, EASY-TO-INSTALL, HEAVY-DUTY, CLAW and CHEW PROOF FENCING.