Asahi Paws: Effortless Pawrenting with Sustainable Solutions

Meet Asahi Paws:

Hey there, fellow paw-dventurers! I’m Asahi, the Shiba Inu with a zest for life, all the way from Tokyo, Japan. My journey to Melbourne was quite the quest – from nerve-wracking flights to a mandatory quarantine. But Papa and Uncle Henry didn’t let me down. My Uncle Henry has almost 20 years’ experience in pet supplies business, who particularly designed special puppy pads, rescuing my indoor training blues.

Uncle Henry didn’t stop there. He added charcoal pads for better odour magical controls, compostable wet wipes, and biodegradable waste bags. All these special stuffs make our daily life so much effortless and easier.

With my wag of approval, Asahi Paws was born, ready to share my story and sustainable solutions with pet lovers like you. Woof Woof on!

Stand Number: 516

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New Product

* Dry Grooming Gloves for both Pawrents and Furkids!
* Extra Large Charcoal Puppy Training Pads: 70% larger size (71cm x 86cm) with 6-layers protection, leak-proof and better odour control with additional charcoal layer!