Love to see, compare and cuddle a wide range of beautiful dogs? Then the Breed Showcase presented by Dogs Victoria will be your definition of heaven.

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Breed Club NameStand
American Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria202
Border Collie Club of Victoria204
British Bulldog Club of Victoria398
Collie Club of Victoria206
Curly Coated Retriever Association of Victoria386
Dachshund - Dicanta300
Dogs Victoria280
Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria390
Forestpack Japanese Akita274
French Bulldog Club of Victroia102
German Spitz399
Great Dane Club of Victoria110
Irish Wolfhound Club of Victoria210
Italian Spinone Group396
Japanese Spitz - Belzbentley319
Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria314
Newfoundland Club of Victoria315
Old English Sheepdog Club of Victoria116
Pembroke Welsh Corgi304
Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victoria394
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of Victoria308
Samoyed Club of Victoria124
Schnauzer Club of Victoria106
Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria270
Sealyham Terrier211
Shiba Inu Lovers266
Shih Tzu Club of Victoria212
Siberian Husky Club of Victoria100
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Victoria108
Swedish Vallhund408
West Highland White Terrier Club of Victoria312
White Swiss Shepherd Dog Association of Victoria407

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