At Charlie's we believe our dogs deserve more. We return the love that they give us, by making beds that help our dogs become their best selves!

It started with a hoodie on a bed – We saw how our dogs loved being wrapped in a blanket and we thought, why not create a bed with a hood? From there, our Snookie Hooded Dog Bed took Australia by storm (and calmed so many pets during storms too).

With Charlie’s pet products, you can return the love your dogs give you by enriching their lives. We’ve focused our range on what will bring out the best in them – calming beds that help with anxiety, pools and tents to excite them, and ergonomic bowls that make mealtimes both comfortable and delicious. For all the floofs that love us unreservedly, Charlie’s is here return the love.

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Your pupper is going to love Charlie’s herringbone patterned bed with matching pillow & double-sided plush blanket. Get the launch discount at the stand!